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Dear all, dear AS Roma Camp supporters and partners,

as you well know and how, we hope as less as possible, you are experimenting on your daily routines, these are really difficult days for all. Due to the Coronavirus, which is putting our strenght and energies to the limit, all activities ,scheduled for April ,have been postponed.

Our mental and physical energies will be dedicated for the fight of the virus.

For our, yours and all the participants safety, the season will start no earlier than JUNE, with all our scheduled camps all around the world.

We will be super ready and happy to see you all again, start running and playing football with your children for many and many more times.

The AS Roma Camp staff can’t wait to start to breath football, again, with you.

For the moment we can only send a big hug and a warm greeting to all of you, with the hope that it will bring you a lot of luck and good things.

See you soon and always FORZA!

Stöckle Sport & Care

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of sport, education and youth welfare. We provide sport camps for children of all physical and mental abilities that focus on integration and inclusion through football. Partnered with the long-standing football school AS Rome we offer a camp that not only develops young people’s football skills but also expands their horizons. Our motto is "Playing football – Having fun - Achieving together". We work closely with other youth welfare and sports charities to pursue the goal of inclusion through sport.

Our Camps

The aim of AS Roma Camps is to provide all children between the ages of 6 and 13 with full days of sport and fun.  Full time coaches from AS Rome Football School work to develop their technical, tactical and motor skills. And when not playing football, there are is range of activities from cooking class to beginners Italian for the children to learn and enjoy.

Daily Routine

  • 9.30am Meet up
  • 9.45am Morning training
  • 11.45 am End of morning training
  • 12.00pm Lunch
  • 1.00pm Half time activities
  • 2.30pm Afternoon training
  • 3.45 pm End of afternoon training
  • 4.00 pm Pick up

Half-time activities

We know that breaks from the physical strain of football are very important. We use the time between lunch and the afternoon training session for a variety of activities. For example: traditional team building, board games, Italian language course, first aid training, and tips for a healthy & sports-friendly diet.

Through football, we teach children skills and values that will help carry them through life. They work together to achieve both on the pitch but also in the activities. The program is guided by experienced mentors and the children are actively involved in shaping each day.

Please note that the course varies with each location and group. We also work with local partners (club, police, fire brigade etc.) to design a truly individual experience for each child.



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